Please Tell Me | Future

Future Save Me


Even as a Future Hive member, I’m always leery about getting too excited when I hear he has a project coming just because you really don’t know what you’re about to get. Is it Future? Is it Hndrxx? Is it Future Hndrxx? Additionally, the cryptic posts/clips he kept posting was adding to the mystery of what he was coming with next. Initially it appeared that he was releasing a single as a video for “Government Official” was posted then not too long after, all traces of it was removed from the web. Then closer to Friday, the announcement of the EP came and again, I reserved excitement. I’ve learned recently to stop anticipating these projects (for all artists) and just to go in with no expectations. After listening on Friday, I was left thinking that the project was cool, there were a couple standouts to me, but I wasn’t having the same reaction that the internet was having. I don’t get the depression vibe, well, no different than a lot of his recent releases. This song was one of the songs that I saved to my faves and although there wasn’t a song on the EP that I just couldn’t tolerate, I don’t know if it’ll get the same spins that The Wizrd got. However, I didn’t get into that album until after a few listens and I still listen to the majority of that album 5 months later. At this point in his career, I feel like Future is one of those artists that you either rock with or you don’t and either position is understandable. I’m still hoping he’ll tour for The Wizrd and I’m sure some of these tracks will be included in that set list if he does.