Real Life | Cyn Santana

Cyn Santana Real Life


If you follow Cyn Santana at all, you’d know that she’s been previewing this track for quite some time now. We finally got the song in its entirety this past #NewMusicFriday and the previews pretty much let you know what to expect from the track. It’s a cool dance, club/party song that will also be giving chicks some Instagram captions for the next few weeks. Though the fun, dance tracks feels appropriate for Cyn, I wish she was able to showcase her actual vocal ability a little more on this song. She can sing for real, which this song doesn’t give you much insight on. I think this is her first official music release so this is just the introduction and it’s a nice way to kick it off, especially with summertime coming. She just needs to get a good promo/marketing going to work the track. It’s my understanding that she has an entire EP coming so I’m sure we’ll get more ballad-like songs that will allow her to sing sing, which I’m looking forward to hearing.