Cool | Jonas Brothers

Jonas Brothers Cool


I can’t say that I was ever a Jonas Brothers fan when they were out some time ago, so their reunion wasn’t really invoking anything in me. In true music geek fashion, when their album was released, I figured I’d give it a listen in case there was a song or two that I might like. To my surprise, the whole album is jamming and maybe I’m just late to the bus. Their last album was released a decade ago so it’s been a while since they’ve done anything as a group as they’ve been focusing on their individual careers during the hiatus. The album has a few songs that could have easily been chosen as a single, including this one. The current single, Sucker is doing pretty well so that says a lot. (After writing this, I realized that Cool was in fact released as a single in April but I think because Sucker is still doing well, they hvaen’t put much behind this one yet, but it’s certainly coming up next.) I’m not sure if I would declare myself a fan per se but I will definitely be running this album back. They’ve always had good backing behind them and I don’t imagine that that has changed so I would expect that another song or two from this album to be released.