I'm Not Ready | Domani

Domani I'm Not Ready


Not really surprising that I’ve reached a point in life where some of my favorite artist now have children that have grown up and some are now making music themselves. Unfortunately, I’ve always been skeptical about giving those acts a chance because, let’s be real, no one likes nepotism (unless you’re on the receiving end). T.I.’s son Domani has been dabbling in music for some time now and outside of what’s been played on their reality show, I’ve never heard anything. He just released a new album, Time Will Tell, and I decided to give it a chance. I had gotten through about 5 songs and thought to myself, “ummm, this album is pretty damn good!” His tone sounds very similar to Andre 3000 and his content is not that far off as well and not what I expected. I think I expected some young kid nonsense, but it’s not that at all. The album is very well put together and Domani’s content is very mature for his age. Similar to Jaden Smith, I feel like people won’t really even give it a chance because of assumptions they’ll make simply because of who he is, which sucks because they’re missing out on some dope music. Domani is officially on my radar and hopefully his connections can get him some good marketing and promo, though I feel like he intentionally won’t go that route because he wants to do it on his own.