Down Bad | JID x BAS x J. Cole x EARTHGANG x Young Nudy

Down Bad Dreamville


It was beginning to look like the Dreamville sessions that happened in Atlanta at the top of the year was just for play. When Cole started dropping a couple singles of his own, curiosity was brewing as to what happened during those sessions and if we were ever going to hear anything. Well, last week, Cole dropped off 2 of the singles from what I’m assuming is the compilation project. This single and one called “Got Me” has been put on an “album” titled 1-888-88-DREAM. However, the information previously is that the sessions were to work on the third Dreamville compilation project, Revenge of the Dreamers III. At this point, who knows, but what I do know is that this song slaps as does the other single, which has more of an R&B feel. This song is just short of 3 minutes which seems super short considering how many people are featured on the track, but each rapper finds a way to stand out but I must say my fave verse is JID. I also appreciate how the songs feature both Dreamville and non-Dreamville acts. A lot of times with these compilation albums, label heads give us an entire project with a rotation of the same 5 acts which can end us sounding redundant. Of course there is no info about when whatever the project is, is coming but both of these tracks should hold it down for the time being.