Don't Check On Me | Chris Brown x Justin Bieber x Ink

Chris Brown Indigo


One thing is for sure, Chris Brown will not keep his fans waiting in anticipation when he has new music on the way. He’s discussed the release of his upcoming album, Indigo, and he’s made sure to give his fans quite a few previews into this new album. At this point, he’s released about 5 singles from this album and this one, if I’m counting correctly, is number 6. Out of all of the releases, “No Guidance” is definitely my fave, but this track is coming in a close second. Joined by the Biebs and a singer that is new to me, Ink, the song is ballad-like and give us a chance to hear Chris really sing and not rap-sing. I don’t know if I stopped paying attention to Justin at one point, but it feels like grown up Justin’s vocals have grown up as well and I’m not mad at what I’ve been hearing from him. Now, I’ve been clear about my stance on albums with too many songs, which is why I never really listened to Chris’ last album and this album is going to follow suit with a possible 32 songs. It’s listed as a 2 disc album, but with streaming, that doesn’t really mean anything. There’s some songs I can’t wait to hear based on the feature so I’m excited to hear the album(s) as a whole on Friday…Saturday and Sunday, because that is how long it will take me to get through it all. I’m committed to giving it a chance no matter how long it takes. Insert eye roll.