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Miley Cyrus She Is Coming


In somewhat of a surprise, Miley announced early last week that a new project, She Is Coming, would be out on Friday. Miley said she can’t let her daddy get all this recent shine alone. The EP did in fact release on #NewMusicFriday and as someone who has followed Miley throughout her career, her last few releases have been back to her Nashville, country roots, so I was expecting that this project would be staying within those same lines. The first song plays and my first thought was, “welp, looks like Miley is back in the trap.” This thought was helped supported by a another song produced by Mike Will and a Ghostface feature. However, this song was next up, sounded more like pop Miley and I immediately liked it. It’s not really country, but also not really too trappish. It’s one of my favorites from the EP, but out of the 6 tracks, only 2 of them were worth me going back to. Miley also announced that there will be 2 more EPs coming this year to lead up to her seventh studio album. I’m hoping for more ballad-like songs like “Adore You,” but with so much music scheduled to come, it’ll likely be a mixture of all of her different styles.