NYC | Jim Jones x Fat Joe

Jim Jones El Capo


After releasing what was a pretty dope album last year, Wasted Talent, Jim Jones said he wasn’t finished yet. He released a new project this past Friday titled so appropriately, El Capo. Now, as a southern bred music lover, I’ve never been over the moon about too many NY artists, but Jim Jones has always been one of those artists that will get a listen from me. I must say, this album is definitely one to ride to, go back to several times over and to likely change some opinions if you’re really a fan. Teaming up with the famed hip-hop producers, The Heatamakerz for the entire project, if you know, you know that the production throughout the entire album is something to write home about. I chose this particular song because it immediately stood out to me, which says a lot since I’m nowhere near from NYC. The song is a solid representation of what you can get from the album…dope ass beats, flows to match and features showing up to do what a feature should. Jim also touches on some socially conscious topics and it’s good to hear it in a way that he delivers it. NY rap lovers will probably make this song an anthem of sorts and I’m sure they would not disagree with my sentiments of the entire project.