Never Really Over | Katy Perry



So after the release of Katy Perry’s last album, Witness, I was not really feeling her. I would have never really described myself as a fan prior to that point, but whatever little I did feel for her and her music quickly faded with that album. It was a horrible attempt at her trying to be urban or increase her urban audience which was a turn off in itself, but then the music didn’t even slap. Well, I must say when I saw this new single release, I immediately expected to hate it, but didn’t. She’s getting back to the pop sound that she was known for and this lane works much better for her. The production is a nice pop-dance mix and is sure to infect you without you even realizing and the song is catchy enough. I can certainly hear this song getting radio play, so much so that it’ll likely be tiresome by the time summer is over. There isn’t any information on whether this is an album single or not and I would not be surprised if they wanted to see how it does considering the success (or lack thereof) of the last project.