Spirit (From "The Lion King") | Beyonce

Beyonce Spirit Lion King


With the press run officially under way for the live-action remake of “The Lion King,” naturally music from the movie’s soundtrack is also starting to be released. Obviously, they decided to lead the way with a Beyonce featured song and it seems to be a new song that was not a part of the original 1994 soundtrack. So apparently, Beyonce actually curated the entire soundtrack for the movie and the soundtrack will feature artists from all over. I’m curious if there will be a bunch of new songs mixed in with the classics or was this a one off because it’s Beyonce. If you’ve seen the movie, this song fits with it very well and I can already imagine a few scenes that the song is playing in. It’s a pretty song and even gives me a hinge of gospel, think of Beyonce’s “Halo” or “I Care, “ but nothing is really compelling me to come back and listen to the track. I don’t necessarily have plans to rush out to see the movie, but I’m interested in hearing the soundtrack because the first one had some pretty dope songs on there so hearing updated versions of that should be cool, especially with Bey behind it.