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Bryson Tiller Blame


This might be one of the biggest teases I’ve ever experienced. After what most would consider a sophomore slump, Bryson had been relatively quiet. He’s occasionally let us know that some new music would be on the way and he delivered on that this past #NewMusicFriday…well sort of. Instantly when the production began playing, I thought to myself, Bryson is back! I was a huge fan of his debut album and I still go back to it to this day so I’ve been looking for more of those vibes from him. As I’m listening, he goes into the rapping/singing Bryson, so of course I was excited that this would be the beginning of more of the old Bryson. Just as I’m getting into the song, it ends. And how he ends it, he has to know that fans will be literally left on the edge of their seat. Well, at least this should signal more good music from him and hopefully the response to this song (with the primary complaints being how short it is) will be encouraging to him.