Sufi Woman | Jidenna

Jidenna Sufi Woman


Jidenna has quietly maintained his place in the game since arriving a few years ago. Though he hasn’t had a single to match the success of “Classic Man,” he definitely has quite a few songs that I like and still like today. A lot of his music that I like reminds me of this single. A large influence of his Naija background and the afrobeats sound. With the ever growing presence of afrobeats, I might even go as far as saying that this song could possibly see some radio success. It’s definitely going to be on the afrobeat DJ playlists very soon…or at least it needs to be. He released another single, “Tribe,” which is more of him rapping over a trappish beat. I could probably go without hearing that single again, but this song has already been added to my playlist and I’m glad he dropped it before summer starting to near its end.