Way Back Home | YBN Cordae x Ty Dolla $ign

YBN Cordae Way Back Home


YBN Cordae is a perfect example of how association with a group of people can lead to the whole “birds of a feather…” mentality. I never had any interest on hearing any of this dude’s music simply because of the “YBN” affiliation. The only other YBN I ever knew was Blac Chyna’s ex child friend and that was all I needed to know. Then, there was his recent performance on the BET awards with H.E.R. My initial thought was for H.E.R. to even associate herself with him, he must not be that bad then to see the actual performance, I was honestly shocked. That performance was definitely not a one off and his entire new album, The Lost Boy, is reflective of the type of artist that he is. I feel like he should just drop the YBN designation because I feel like most people’s thoughts will be the same as mine, specifically those that didn’t see that BET performance.