Hot Shower | Chance the Rapper x MadeinTYO x Da Baby

Chance The Rapper Hot Shower


After about 7 or 8 years in the game and a few mixtapes, we finally get the debut album from Chance the Rapper. He delivered a 22-track album this past Friday, appropriately titled The Big Day. I would have never really described myself a Chance fan but I did like a couple songs off his well known and Grammy winning album Coloring Book. That album was 3 years ago and aside from a couple single releases, he hasn’t released a full body of work since that time. Now, I normally try to avoid any social media or other critiques of projects until I have a chance to listen (no pun) but as a twitter user, it was hard to avoid memes and tweets referencing Chance and his music as music for cool, youth pastors. I started listening to track 1 and I immediately understood all of the black twitter jokes. Chance also did not include the feature names on the track listing, which I would think was intentional to force people to listen to the album as a whole and not just jump to tracks that has their favorite artist featured. Smooth one, Chance. Well, luckily I know Wikipedia exists and credit has to be given to the features so there’s the cheat code for that. This song featured Da Baby, and so I instantly wanted to hear how that would sound. The production was very different from the songs coming before it and it sounded perfect for Da Baby’s style. The song is cool and more of what I would want to hear. I haven’t gotten through the entire album yet, but from what I’ve heard, there weren’t too many “save to fave” moments for me.