Twang | Mason Ramsey

Mason Ramsey Twang


Finally a positive gone viral story. Since young Mason was found singing country music in a Walmart, he has found himself with a record deal and two EPs under his big-buckled belt. The latest EP, Twang, was released this past Friday and young Mason is trying to be around for a while. See, unlike the catch me outside little girl, I don’t mind supporting this type of viral sensation and Mason’s music actually slaps a little bit. This title track is a good introduction into the project and the type of artist that Mason is. Similar to this song, the songs on the EP kind of hit you without you realizing until you find yourself tapping your toe. Even though at the root of most country music is the story of heartbreak and love lost, Mason’s 12 year old self is still able to deliver that message effectively. I appreciate that the label didn’t try to make a gimmick out of him and let his actual talent shine with his releases. I could hear a couple of these songs making it to radio and I think Mason has a promising career ahead of him if he keeps it up at this rate, especially as he gets older and experiences some real heartbreak.