Playa's Ball | BJ The Chicago Kid x Rick Ross

BJ The Chicago Kid Playa's Ball


Based on music history, I’m usually a sucker for any song titled Playa/er’s Ball. The production on this song is giving me The Stylistics kinda vibes, which is about right for a song titled “Playa’s Ball.” I also immediately thought that the production is perfect for Ross and that pocket that he does oh so well in. I was surprised to discover that Cool & Dre had a hand in making this beat which is a totally different sound that I’m used to hearing from the production duo. The song is cool and gives me all the feels I would have expected. Ross was the highlight of the song for me and it’s necessary to say that he’s been killing his features lately and this song is no exception. The song is part of the newly released album from BJ, 1123. If you’re familiar with his music, you can expect BJ’s signature sound on the album. One of other highlights on the project is his version of Ella Mai’s song “Close.” The album is a perfect length and one where you can just hit play and resume activities as it plays in the background.