BLOW | Ed Sheeran x Chris Stapleton x Bruno Mars

Ed Sheeran BLOW


This combination here is interesting, yet intriguing. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but I figured there’d be a little country twang to the song because why else would you put Chris Stapleton on your song. The intro of the song begins and it immediately put me in the mind of some old, 90s Guns N’ Roses so then I was just confused. The production stayed along those lines as each fella takes a turn on the track. Ed sounded really different like if you had played this song without telling me who was on it, he would have been the voice that would have had me stumped. Each artists has their own superpower when it comes to their respective genres, but the song doesn’t really translate into something amazing that I imagine it would. The production feels all over the place and I feel like it doesn’t capture the essence of the artist individually. If nothing else, the Ed Sheeran releases are showing that this new album is going to provide a variety, which will be a collaboration album with tons of features. The album is due out next Friday (7/12) so we’ll see how it sounds, though I’m certain it will do well numbers wise.