NOIZE | Jaden Smith x Tyler, The Creator

Jaden Smith Tyler the Creator NOIZE


While young Jaden is out here trying to make the world a better place, he’s also out here releasing some music that is pretty damn good. After his first release, SYRE, in 2017, I realized that Jaden definitely had some musical talents. I think the one draw back of being a kid to rich and famous parents is that some people instinctively will not give the music a chance. This new album, ERYS, follows along the lines of the first one, though I think I may like this one a little more. This track was early on the track listing and was an immediate standout. The feature from Tyler was fitting and after hearing his recent album IGOR and its dopeness, I view Tyler differently. If you feel like you’ve never really heard Tyler as a rapper or don’t understand the appeal, his verse on this song is a good starting point. This wouldn’t be a bad song to push as a single but there’s also a couple gems on the album featuring Willow so that could also be a good move as well.