Hot Girl Summer | Megan Thee Stallion x Nicki Minaj x Ty Dolla $ign



The long awaited ladies’ anthem for the summer has arrived just in time with a little over a month left in the official summer season. After Nicki suddenly hopped on and recorded a verse, the song was delayed just slightly and honestly that was the smartest move. When I initially heard the song on Friday, I liked the song, but I wasn’t sure I was crazy about it. Since then, I’ve heard it out in both a gym setting and a club/lounge setting and yep, the song definitely goes. I also like the way they sampled the City Girls showing even more female empowerment. Originally, I thought it was interesting having a man singing the hook, just because of the content of the song. However, it’s Ty Dolla and if you have the opportunity to have him on the hook on any of your songs, you take that opportunity and run. And he definitely Ty Dolla’ed it. This song is obviously for the females and I imagine this it’s going to spill over into fall just due to the timing of it all. There were some BTS pics of the video shoot over the weekend so good move giving us the visuals almost right away.