MLK BLVD | Jeezy x Meek Mill



Jeezy has been slowly and kind of quietly releasing new music. If Wiki is correct, the previous release “1 Time” along with this one are in preparation for his new album, The Legend of the Snowman: Thug Motivation 104. Even though I really liked the song “1 Time,” this song feels like old Jeezy, from the production to the flow style. The previous single didn’t seem to get the usual Jeezy traction, which has probably been the case for a lot of his more recent releases. This one may do it though. I also feel like I haven’t heard this Meek rap style in a minute since a lot of his music since his social justice fight have headed in a different direction. With Meek at the top of his game right now, his feature should hopefully help with the song’s reach. Though Wiki says the album is coming in 2019, Jeezy hasn’t really provided much information about it. At the rate that he’s releasing the singles, we might get the Snowman in the wintertime which would be nothing short of fitting.