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Little Brother May The World Watch


If you looked at the title of this post and said, “who?” Go ahead and and just google Little Brother, use your preferred streaming service to listen to The Minstrel Show then come back when you’re educated. After almost a decade, the infamous trio is back. We had some inklings that this would happen after the group reunited at a music festival last year, but there wasn’t really anything indicating that they’d be delivering a new project to us. Well, we got about 2 days notice that this new album, May The Lord Watch, would be dropping on Tuesday and let me just say that I love that the used the old school Tuesday release day to drop. The group picked up like they never left with a real, actual ass album, which are hard to come by these days. Complete with a theme throughout, with skits and interludes, I think LB fans will be happy with this. This song was a standout to me during my first listening session, but I will say I haven’t had time to yet devote the type of attention that is required to really get into a Little Brother project. I’m also now curious if they’ll be taking this show on the road…hopefully so because we deserve.