Playing Games | Summer Walker

Summer Walker Playing Games


Officially one of my favorite R&B acts out right now, Summer Walker has gained a lot of recent attention with Drake hopping on her song, “Girls Need Love,” for a remix. While that song is still getting lots of radio play, it was wise to follow it up with this new track. Like most of the music from her debut album and latest EP, this single resonates with me. She definitely has this way of representing the female voice in a real way and that is evident in this song. You can also tell when a singer writes their own music because it comes across differently. My only complaint is the same complaint that many people have about Summer’s music…it’s too damn short! However, it’s difficult to tell an artist how to create their art and wanting it longer is really just selfish and speaks to how dope the music is. I’m really a super fan at this point so I’m hoping this is a single to a new project. Her EP was released at the top of the year, so if you ask me, it’s time! I’ll get the opportunity to see Summer live in a couple weeks so I’m interested to see how she and these records sound live.