Oprah | Rapsody x Leikeli47

Rapsody Leikeli47 Oprah


Rapsody is probably the most underrated lyrical rapper (gender aside) out right now. Many people have been looking forward to her latest project, Eve, especially with the recent successes in female rap. I’ll admit that Rapsody’s lyrical skills are clearly undeniable, but some of the production choices have made it hard for me to remain connected to some of her music. I decided to get some house chores done while I listened to this project with headphones in ears and I must say, it’s a really, really good project. When the album first began, I was worried that I was going to have the same gripe throughout but the production definitely picked up and many of them I would describe as attention-grabbing. This particular song is one of those where I was like, “yes! This what I want to hear Rap on.” Naming all of the songs after prominent black females, this song was appropriately titled given the content of the song and the feature was perfect. Another dope female rapper not getting enough hype right now, Leikeli went in and not surprising because that production is the exact type that she would kill. I’m definitely going to sit with this project for a minute and I feel like it’s going to get even more critical acclaim than Laila’s Wisdom.