Ride Dat | Juvenile x Birdman x Lil Wayne

Birdman Juvenile Lil Wayne Ride Dat


The Hot Boyz (well half of them) have apparently said this Hot Girl Summer ish is over. I feel like most people would agree with the excitement I had when I saw that this track would be dropping late yesterday. After hearing Juvenile’s latest album, I knew it would likely be something that would be dope and it certainly is a moment because I can’t recall the last time that these 3 were on a track together. The production on the track is cool but I will say, it would’ve been nicer to hear a Mannie Fresh beat. Juvie starts off and gives us his signature flow and sound. I think I mentioned during my review of one of the recent songs from the joint project with Juvenile, that Birdman has certainly gotten better at rapping so he handled the track well. Wayne finishes up and I must say his verse sounds a bit outdated. It almost feels like they may have recorded this a while ago when Birdman and Wayne were on better terms and things were halted and now that they may be cool again, so they decided to release this without thinking to re-record it. I don’t know if this is a song that I’d necessarily elect to hear again, but I’d be interested to see how I feel about it after hearing it in a different setting because I definitely don’t hate it.