Tell Me When It's Over | Sheryl Crow x Chris Stapleton

Sheryl Crow Chris Stapleton


In case you’re new hear, I LOVE Chris Stapleton and will listen to anything that he puts out or is featured on. Sheryl Crow is certainly not chopped liver and I grew up jamming to quite a few of her songs so I was pretty much all in on the track before even hitting play. The production on the track is laced with guitar strings and it’s right in the lane that Chris Stapleton excels in. I like the song and felt that way about it almost instantly. My only complaint is that I needed more of Chris. He doesn’t take a verse of his own and mainly provides some background vocals, ad libs and a little bridge. They sound good together so hearing a little more of the togetherness would have been nice but I still definitely like the track. Her 11th album is slated to come out at the end of August and she’s released quite a few singles from the project. I’m not sure if I’ve noticed any of the other singles but I can’t say that I really keep an eye for new Sheryl Crow. Either way, I’m sure her true fans will like the song and I’m sure the new album will have some other good jams on there.