Turnpike Ike | Rick Ross

Rick Ross Turnpike Ike


After releasing the track list for the highly anticipated, Port of Miami 2, I was very curious about this song just because of the title. When I saw the title, I was already waiting on the backlash to come in this new cancel culture era. Of all the singles Ross has released in preparation for this album, this was most along the lines of what I’ve been expecting to hear, though “Big Tyme” definitely grew on me real quick. The song has the slower production that Ross often kills and him talking cash money ish all over it. It’s been a couple years since the last Ross project so many people are waiting to hear the whole project and would rather not have these teaser singles. The song is cool, but I think hearing it in totality with the whole album will give it a different feel for me. With the album coming out this #NewMusicFriday, I’m surprised we got another single, but the other 2 releases were more uptempo Ross so I guess he wanted to switch it up. I can’t wait to hear the rest and hopefully it’ll be one of those projects that will be a great way to close out the summer.